South Sudan

Medical care at the side of the road in South SudanLife expectancy for men and women at birth is 54. In Canada, it's 80.93 years (South Sudan Health Profile, WHO)

Amref Health Africa is improving health care for moms and babies at Yambio State Hospital in South Sudan. 

Saving Lives in South Sudan

Published: 04 February 2016 Sean Power

Amref Health Africa is improving health care for moms and babies at Yambio State Hospital, South Sudan Read more

Amref Health Africa renews hope to victims of Lakes state shootings in South Sudan

Published: 12 September 2014 Sean Power

Having a mother is precious in life, it means care, comfort, hope but above all love. But in South Sudan many children grow without experiencing all these. One such a child is Nyandior Malou of Diayar Payam, Rumbek County Lakes State. Read more

Over 200 Patients Benefit from Amref Health Africa Outreach in South Sudan

Published: 03 September 2014 Sean Power

Amref Health Africa's Outreach Programme is proving to be a great help to address the backlog of surgical patients in state hospitals in South Sudan. Many patients cannot afford to access private medical services available in Juba, the capital of South Sudan, or out of the country. Amref Health Africa's Outreach Programme provides free specialist and surgical medical care. Read more

Amref Health Africa in South Sudan

Published: 29 July 2014 Sean Power

Amref Health Africa has a long history in South Sudan, beginning in 1972 in what was then the southern region of Sudan. Over the decades, we have played a critical part in planning and developing the country’s health care system. Read more

Juba labs to conduct first cholera sample tests

Published: 09 June 2014 Sean Power

Amref Health Africa has taken on a critical role during a cholera outbreak that has hit parts of South Sudan - a country that has been affected by conflict for several months now. For the first time, cholera samples are being tested in Juba - South Sudan's capital city. Previously, the samples had to be sent to Kenya or Uganda, slowing down the treatment of cholera patients in South Sudan. Read more

The Reality in South Sudan: Meet Nugent Manea Kalome

Published: 05 May 2014 Sean Power

Meet Nugent Manea Kalome, 56-year old midwife who was in the first group of midwives trained at Amref Health Africa’s National Training institute in South Sudan. Read more

Amref Health Africa and NGO partners in South Sudan express deep concern about the serious escalation of violence in South Sudan. Read more

South Sudan: The long road of nation building

Published: 20 March 2014 Sean Power

Tommy Simmons, Italy Director for AMREF, visited South Sudan and reports back on AMREF's work providing emergency health care. Read more

Amref Health Africa and more than 50 other major humanitarian non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in South Sudan have expressed their deep concern about the current humanitarian situation in the country and reaffirmed their commitment to help all civilian populations in need of assistance. Read more

AMREF Appeals for Support for South Sudan

Published: 22 January 2014 Sean Power

As the humanitarian and health crisis continues in South Sudan, AMREF is appealing for support to mobilize human, material and other resources required to provide emergency medical and surgical services. Read more

Maria Gasingo lives in South Sudan, and just like so many women in Sub-Saharan Africa had no other option but to give birth at home. She ran into severe hemorrhaging complications during labour and immediately knew that her life and the life of her unborn child were at risk. Read more

AMREF Announces Death of Country Director in South Sudan

Published: 16 January 2012 Sean Power

The African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF) has announced, with deep shock and sorrow, the death of Dr Alemayehu Seifu, AMREF Country Director for South Sudan. Read more

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