You Made Your Flu Shot Count

Shot For Shot program helped to deliver 175,000 vaccines to children in northern Uganda.

Rexall and Amref Health Africa: Partnering for Lasting Health Change

Rexall and Amref Health Africa teamed up last flu season to deliver life-saving vaccines to children who needed them most. When Canadians visited Rexall for a flu shot, a donation was made to Amref Health Africa’s immunization program in rural and hard-to-reach communities in northern Uganda.

175,000 Vaccines Delivered

More than 175,000 life-saving vaccines were delivered to children in hard-to-reach areas in northern Uganda.

Getting vaccines to children in remote communities is no easy task in northern Uganda where roads are far and few betweeen and transportation is scarce.

Why Uganda?

In Uganda, only 52% of children under 5 have access to vaccines against diseases such as polio, tetanus and the measles.

With more than 80% of people in Uganda living in rural communities, getting life-saving vaccines where they are needed can be easier said than done. In partnership with the Ugandan Ministry of Health, Amref Health Africa worked with community health workers and health centres to connect directly with parents and caregivers. And, we helped the Ministry of Health in key logistical areas, such as transporting vaccines to communities.

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