Marla Ellis

#DiscoverDagoretti: New life, new meaning and hope

Marla Ellis 14/06/2017

Going to the Dagoretti Child Protection and Development Centre in Nairobi, Kenya made me feel like a little kid again going to camp. I was excited for what each day held, as there were a variety of activities each involving boys and girls of all ages -- whether we...

Frances Barry

Counting Every Newborn Life by Making Health Workers Count: A reflection of health worker training on life-saving interventions in Malawi

Frances Barry 03/04/2017

By: Frances Barry, Nurse Educator, with contributions from Jae Ho Lee, Nurse Educator, and Dr. Hasan Merali, Physician Educator, SickKids Centre for Global Child Health From Ntchisi, Malawi back to the Canadian winter Sitting in Washington airport waiting for the final flight of a 30-hour journey, spanning over 13,000...

Graham Atkinson

What I Learned from Community Health Volunteers in Kenya

Graham Atkinson 20/03/2017

In early March I spent the day with Community Health Volunteers in Siaya Kenya! These men and women, both young and old, volunteer to be champions of health in their communities. The government of Kenya is working to address a critical challenge in their health care system a disconnect...

Jennifer Foulds

Chair of Board of Directors sees the benefits of a clean water project first hand

Jennifer Foulds 06/01/2017

Meet Mary Ann MacKenzie. Mary Ann is the Chair of Amref Health Africa in Canada s Board of Directors. She is also a member of Amref Health Africa s International Board, and is Chair of its Fundraising and Communications Committee. Mary Ann recently attended an International Board meeting in...

Jennifer Foulds

Learning How to Help Newborn Babies Breathe...and how this basic training saves lives

Jennifer Foulds 15/09/2016

I learned something recently that I never imagined I would how to help a baby take its first few breaths after birth. True, it was a training exercise using a model baby. But the model reacted much like an actual baby would so it felt pretty real. Because my...

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