Elizabeth Wala

Ending Obstetric fistula via a human rights approach – Amref Health Africa in Kenya Experience

Elizabeth Wala 07/11/2017

Obstetric fistula is a severe maternal morbidity which can affect any woman or girl who suffers from prolonged or obstructed labour without timely access to an emergency Caesarean section. It is one of the most devastating consequences of neglected childbirth and a stark example of health inequity in the...

Sean Power

I’m Back from UNLEASH. Here’s What Happened.

Sean Power 20/09/2017

(This blog entry follows an earlier post in which I shared the good news that I was among 1,000 delegates selected to attend UNLEASH, a global innovation lab focused on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). You can read the first post here.) Credit: Joachim Adrian Amref Health Africa s...

Sean Power

Achieving the SDGs Will Depend on Adopting Breakthrough Technologies. Here’s Why.

Sean Power 11/08/2017

Google s Project Loon could bring down the cost of connectivity by an order of magnitude or two using hot-air balloons, according to Googler Mike Cassidy. The idea exemplifies the kind of technological breakthrough we need to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Image Courtesy: iLighter, Licensed under the Creative...

Jennifer Foulds

Canadian sees challenges in South Sudan first-hand

Jennifer Foulds 01/08/2017

Tommy Simmons is a Canadian by birth (born in Montreal) who established the Italy office of Amref Health Africa in 1987. He remained the Executive Director of Amref Health Africa in Italy for nearly 30 years. He first visited South Sudan in 1995 long before it became an independent...

Marla Ellis

#DiscoverDagoretti: New life, new meaning and hope

Marla Ellis 14/06/2017

Going to the Dagoretti Child Protection and Development Centre in Nairobi, Kenya made me feel like a little kid again going to camp. I was excited for what each day held, as there were a variety of activities each involving boys and girls of all ages -- whether we...

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