Alex Baker

Notes Home: Reflections on Kenya

Alex Baker 17/01/2014

Over the holidays, in between the giving and the eating, my friends and family have been really excited to hear about my time in Kenya. Unreservedly, I have been so excited to tell them. But in the short time that we have had, it has become clear just how...

Eyerusalem Tessera

Notes Home: Gratitude

Eyerusalem Tessera 17/01/2014

As I was waiting in queue at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to depart Nairobi, I started talking to Dawit, the person lined up ahead of me. Luckily Dawit and I were in the same flight, so we were able to chat until it was time to board our...

Yun Peng

Notes Home: Coming Home - Lessons learned in looking beneath the surface

Yun Peng 17/01/2014

Sometimes, the most difficult part of re-entry is navigating the storytelling of your experiences to curious friends and families who want to hear all about it . Many of my friends also volunteered abroad on medical missions or other charitable short-term trips to developing countries. I remember regaling at...

Emily Royal

Notes Home: An Afternoon at Mulu and Friends Café – Leaving AMREF on a High Note

Emily Royal 17/01/2014

It always feels strange when you finally reach a level of comfort with a place only to leave and never return again. There was a bit of a push-pull feeling when I packed up my desk and my house and said my goodbyes to coworkers and roommates a few...

Heidi Parker

Notes Home: "Don't plan for the journey"

Heidi Parker 07/01/2014

Just three weeks after my internship has finished, I have had a lot of time to reflect upon the six months that have just passed. There have been a lot of really great experiences along with some challenging experiences, all of which have been important in shaping my experience...

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