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Amref Health Africa Responds to Attack in Garissa, Kenya


Responding immediately to the attack at Garissa University College on April 2, 2015 AMREF Flying Doctors - Amref Health Africa's medical evacuation service - provided four air ambulances and a medical team to assist the critically injured. 148 people died in the attack on April 2, 2015.

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Heidi Parker comes home to South Bayview


Heidi Parker, from Toronto, spent six months interning with AMREF in Tanzania from June to December 2013.

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Rexall, Amref Health Africa immunizing Ugandan children for every Canadian flu shot


This winter, your flu shot counts. Thatís the message of Rexallís Shot for Shot campaign, which is providing life-saving vaccinations to northern Ugandan children in partnership with Amref Health Africa in Canada.

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From Crofton to Tanzania: Peng lives her dream


Yun (Annie) Peng's experiences prove the adage that you can go anywhere from a small town. Peng grew up in Crofton, but has just spent six months in Tanzania interning with the African Medical and Research Foundation.

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The World Needs More Midwives


A motherless baby begins life at a disadvantage. In addition to missing maternal love, the baby is at risk for malnourishment, infection and a host of other problems. My skills as a midwife are vital to saving the lives of mothers every day, but they also go beyond delivering babies. I help to educate women with proper healthcare information and campaign for maternal health to be prioritized.