Bye Bye Malaria!

Christine Nasimiyu, a mother in Lurende Village, Bungoma County in Kenya describes how the community health worker in her village has helped her family prevent malaria.

“I am a teacher and a mother of five, three girls and two boys.

"Whenever my children used to fall sick, I would buy drugs from local shops without knowing what we were suffering from. At times I would visit traditional doctors, but all that cost me a lot of money.

"Violet Naliaka Waliaula is a Community Health Worker in my village. She regularly visits my home and talks to me about various health topics. I thank God for Violet, who was trained by Amref Health Africa.

"I am not worried nowadays because whenever any member of my family falls sick, I simply inform Violet. She comes to our house, asks questions about the illness and does a malaria test. If the result is positive, she gives us medicine for malaria and pain killers and instructs me how the medication should be taken. If it is negative, she refers us to the health centre so that they can do other tests to find our what the problem is.

"I am grateful to Violet for teaching us and being there for us when we are sick. Now malaria is no longer a regular visit to our house. Bye bye malaria!!