Combatting Malaria Outbreaks: Nets for Children in Africa

Imagine that in a rural village in central Uganda, lying on his bed, is a little baby boy named Isaac. He wakes up early most mornings and sees his mother and sisters sleeping next to him. He also hears rain falling lightly on the ground outside.

Did you know that the end of summer here in Canada marks the start of the rainy season in Uganda? And with the rainy season comes more mosquitoes.

For babies like Isaac, this means a higher risk of getting malaria. Baby Isaac could be one of the many children in Nakasongola district who dies from malaria this year. But, with your continued support of Amref Health Africa, babies like Isaac dont have to.

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Did you know that the mosquito-carried disease malaria kills more children in Africa than any other disease? African countries, including Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia, account for nearly 90% of malaria deaths worldwide. This is mostly due to lack of resources.

Roughly 1 million children die from malaria every year, and 85% of malaria deaths are in children younger than five. Malaria, though preventable and treatable, will not only threaten the life of Isaac, but the life of his entire family.

Amref Health Africa combats malaria outbreaks by training local Community Health Workers (CHWs) in prevention and care. Working with simple and practical supplies like insecticide-treated mosquito nets, first aid kits and bicycles to make house calls, they are able to make their way around rural villages, visiting those most at risk from the deadly disease.

And they’re good at doing this kind of work. In the Afar region of Ethiopia, 90% of out-patients were suffering from malaria. Since Amref Health Africa started working in the area, that number has dropped down to 30%.

Successes like this are significant, but there is still a long way to go.

Malaria prevention and care is just one of the ways in which Amref Health Africa uses its capacity-building approach to improve health in Africa. Amref Health Africa partners with local communities to develop sustainable, African-led health care solutions using the continent’s best resource: its people.

Amref Health Africa also partners with the Government of Canada through the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD) to make strides towards a healthier Africa.

But babies like Isaac need individuals like you to invest in a healthy Africa as well. And your investment is greatly needed today.

With... You Can...
$30 an entire family with insecticide-treated mosquito nets, which last for up to 3 years.
$75 ...equip one Community Health Worker with a mosquito net, first aid kit, and a bicycle in order to make house calls to pregnant women and their children.
$150 ...provide an entire classroom with testing for malaria, HIV, TB, malnutrition and other common childhood diseases.