Why Africa

Amref Fl ying Doctors air ambulance

Credit: Nico Marziali

Amref Health Africa's roots are in sub-Saharan Africa.

Started in Kenya in 1957 as the Flying Doctors of East Africa, Amref Health Africa remains focused on improving health in Africa. Over time, we have evolved from an emergency medical service to the largest African public health organization.

We work with African communities to tackle the most pressing health needs: mother, baby and child health, HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria and access to clean water and adequate sanitation.

We focus on remote communities and the most vulnerable people to make the right to health care a reality. And, we conduct leading edge research and train health workers of all stripes - community health workers, midwives, nurses, doctors, lab technicians - to strengthen the health care system as a whole.

Kevin O'Neill
Director of Programs

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