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Based in Nairobi, Kenya, Amref Health Afria has country offices in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, South Sudan, South Africa, and Senegal.

Amref Health Africa in Canada focuses our resources on health care programs in Ethiopia, Uganda, South Africa, Kenya and Tanzania.

In addition, our Amref Health Africa in Canada partners in Europe and the United States support a variety of health care programs in Senegal and South Sudan.

Amref Health Africa's work to improve health extends beyond our individual country offices to more than 35 countries throughout Africa where we focus on training health care workers and strengthening health care systems as a whole.

For contact information for all of Amref Health Africa's offices in Africa, Europe and North America, visit our global website.

AMREF Flying Doctors Evacuates Woman with Knife Lodged in her Head

Published: 08 January 2016 Sean Power

AMREF Flying Doctors – Amref Health Africa’s medical emergency evacuation service – yesterday evacuated a woman with a knife lodged in her head after she was allegedly stabbed by her husband in the remote and arid Wajir County in northern Kenya. Read more

Welcoming New Leadership - Renewing Commitments

Published: 30 October 2015 Sean Power

In a special guest blog, global health consultant, researcher, and Canadian, Nafeesa Jalal, shares her perspective on recent global changes at Amref Health Africa, and what the future may hold. Read more

Amref Health Africa in Canada Awarded $24.9 million Grant to Improve Mother and Child Health in sub-Saharan Africa

Published: 09 July 2015 Sean Power

Amref Health Africa in Canada will lead a $29.3 million five-year project to improve the health of mothers and their children in Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi and Tanzania, $24.9 million of which is provided by the Government of Canada through the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD). Read more

Amref Health Africa in Canada Coffeehouse Speakers Series on Global Development: Is the Ebola Outbreak a Symptom of Vulnerable Health Symptoms? Read more

An epidemic of the Ebola virus continues in the West African countries of Guinea, Liberia Sierra Leone and Nigeria. This Ebola outbreak is the most severe in recorded history in regard to both the number of human cases and fatalities. Staff at Amref Health Africa’s West African headquarters in Senegal are in constant contact with the Ministries of Health in Senegal and Guinea, where Amref Health Africa has an active presence on the ground. Read more

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Director of Programs

Kevin O'NeillWant to partner with Amref Health Africa in Canada on a health project? Want to know more about our projects? Get in touch with our Director of Programs, Kevin O'Neill.