Amref Health Africa's Global Strategy 2018-2022

Amref Health Africa’s core mission of achieving Lasting Health Change in Africa has been ongoing for the last 60 years. We have launched our new five-year strategic plan which focuses on entrepreneurial and sustainability approaches, while increasing efficiency and effectiveness of improving health in communities in Africa.

A golden circle describing Amref Health Africa's 2018-2022 Global Strategy. Why/Our Vision: Lasting Health Change in Africa. How/Our Edge: Truly African, Community Based, Research & Innovation. What/Our Focus: Training Health Workers, Access to health solutions and services for communities, Financing; financial protection for communities. Resourceful, vibrant, connected.

Amref Health Africa’s target is to reach 100 million people in sub-Saharan Africa within the next five years. Our five priority ambitions are:

  • Innovate and accelerate health training and access
  • Educate health workers across Africa
  • Increase financial protection
  • Give communities access to high quality health and well-being
  • Increase awareness and demand for health as a human right
Three flat icons depicting our three pillars

The Global Strategy 2018-2022 is built on three pillars which are held together by four main themes - gender, research, policy & advocacy - and five of the 17 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - zero hunger, good health & wellbeing, gender equality, clean water & sanitation and partnerships for the goals.

Human Resources for Health

This pillar focuses on developing and sustaining human resources for health (HRH) with the purpose of attaining universal health coverage in target countries.

A health worker educates a woman

Since its inception, Amref Health Africa has been involved in the training of midlevel and community health workers across Africa. Using traditional and technology-based training methods, we trained 700,000 workers between 2011-2015 alone. Based on evidence and lessons learnt within the last 60 years, the Global Strategy 2018-2022 aims to:

  • Increase the number and skills mix of midlevel and community health workers
  • Strengthen leadership, management and governance capacities within health systems
  • Improve human resources for health (HRH) productivity

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Innovative health services and solutions

A doctor in a district hospital

This pillar focuses on developing and delivering sustainable health services and solutions for improved access to and use of quality, preventive, curative and restorative health services.

Under the Global Strategy 2018-2022, current health systems will be improved and new ones developed, to provide quality and more accessible care to marginalized communities in Africa. Amref Health Africa aims to:

  • Improve health services
  • Increase use of health services
  • Innovatively improve quality health services

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Investments in health

A mother and baby

This pillar focuses on contributions to increase investments in health to achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC) by 2030.

Within the last several years, Amref Health Africa has developed strategies to create sustainable financial models that help subsidize health programmes in vulnerable communities in Africa. Under this pillar, Amref Health Africa aims to:

  • Develop and implement sustainable and scalable models to invest in health
  • Increase financial protection for disadvantaged communities in target countries, reducing out of pocket costs
  • Advocate for increased investments and financial protection in health for citizens of sub-Saharan Africa.

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Amref Health Africa's Legacy

A group of women walk in a sub-Saharan setting

Amref Health Africa has been creating lasting health change in communities in Africa, for the last 60 years and the numbers show the scope of this positive impact.

Impact over 60 years (1957-2017)

  • 110 million people reached
  • 80 million women and children reached
  • 12 million health workers trained

Amref Health Africa’s mission of providing sustainable health access for every community in Africa is achievable and the Global Strategy 2018-2022 is the first step towards this goal. To this end, Amref Health Africa will continue to build strong partnerships with government agencies, donors, non-governmental organizations, community-based organizations and the private sector.