More than Facts & Figures: Effectiveness of Amrefís HIV and AIDS Interventions

Over the years, Amref Health Africa has accumulated a rich repository of knowledge products from its HIV/AIDS interventions. To assess the organisation’s contribution to HIV/AIDS responses in Africa requires that we move beyond the accumulation of data, figures and facts found in the numerous monitoring and evaluation reports from independent projects to evidence based on systematic analysis across projects and countries.

This paper documents the relevance of these interventions to Amref Health Africa’s corporate strategy, their impact on beneficiaries, as well as best practices.

Heterogeneity of HIV and AIDS interventions from Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda informed a three-part methodology: (1) a general global review of evidence on effectiveness of interventions; (2) a summary of evidence from published and unpublished sources of data and information sources using the logical framework format; and finally (3) a synthesis of findings at project-level within and across countries using a comparative framework.

Amref Health Africa should improve its quality of documentation and data management to move beyond project outputs to assessment of outcomes and impact as measures of effectiveness.

Download: More than Facts & Figures: Effectiveness of Amref Health Africa’s HIV and AIDS Interventions [PDF]