HIV, TB, Malaria

A nurse holds the TB register in UgandaAfrican communities have the right to tools to fight HIV, TB and malaria

In 2013, an estimated 9 million people developed tuberculosis (TB) and 1.5 million died from the disease, 360,000 of whom were HIV-positive.

Amref Health Africa works with communities to fight diseases through prevention, diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment.

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Partnering with the Global Fund to End AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

Published: 12 September 2016 Sean Power

Since 2002, when the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria was founded, Amref Health Africa has been an active and proud partner. Read more

Community Health Volunteer Helps Grandmother Prevent and Treat Malaria

Published: 12 September 2016 Sean Power

Credit: Maureen Cherongis Monica Achieng (left) learns about malaria prevention from Community Health Volunteer Rose Mango   David Owour was only four months old when his mother went abroad and left him in the... Read more

Malaria vaccine not perfect, but still useful

Published: 26 August 2015 Sean Power

"The pattern of disease arising from malaria is still very high" despite measures such as insecticidal bed nets and clearing brush, which is why a vaccine is welcome, explains Dr. Githinji Gitahi, chief executive officer of Amref Health Africa, a humanitarian organization providing training and health services in more than 30 countries, including those most affected by malaria. Read more

The announcement that GSK’s malaria vaccine candidate has passed a major step by receiving a positive opinion from the European Medicines Agency is indeed worthy of celebration, especially so for the thousands of children who are living with the risk of malaria across sub-Saharan Africa and the world. Read more

When Charles Ndegwa lost his brother to tuberculosis (TB), he did not realize the journey his role would take. Read more

World Malaria Day was established to provide education and understanding of malaria and to share information on the implementation of malaria-control strategies. It provides an opportunity for all malaria stakeholders to showcase their successes and highlight the challenges experienced in the fight against malaria. Read more

Tuberculosis remains one of the world’s deadliest communicable diseases. In 2013, an estimated 9 million people developed tuberculosis (TB) and 1.5 million died from the disease, 360,000 of whom were HIV-positive. Read more

Combatting Malaria Outbreaks: Nets for Children in Africa

Published: 17 September 2014 Sean Power

African countries, including Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia, account for nearly 90% of malaria deaths worldwide. This is mostly due to lack of resources. Read more

Health care remains a huge concern for African states, indicating an urgent need for governments to prioritize access to quality health care, and for private players to partner with public institutions in advancing the continent’s health agenda. The current Ebola outbreak in West Africa demonstrates the weakness and vulnerability of African health systems and the underlying social and economic challenges. Read more

Amref Health Africa International Health Conference

Published: 14 August 2014 Sean Power

Amref Health Africa is hosting its first international conference focused on improving health in Africa. The Conference, in partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO), will bring together government leaders, researchers, health professionals, community-based organizations, and local health leaders to explore the theme: From Evidence to Action: Lasting Health Change in Africa. Read more

World Malaria Day 2014: Amref Health Africa calls on governments, donors, the private sector and partners to reinforce and renew their commitment to investing in malaria control and elimination. Read more

Fighting Malaria at the Community and Household Level

Published: 21 April 2014 Sean Power

Community Health Workers in Kenya trained by Amref Health Africa treat and prevent malaria in rural communities. Read more

Bye Bye Malaria!

Published: 21 April 2014 Sean Power

Christine Nasimiyu, a mother in Lurende Village, Bungoma County in Kenya describes how the community health worker in her village has helped her family prevent malaria. Read more

As Africa’s leading health development organization working with vulnerable and under-served communities, AMREF joins the global TB Partnership in calling for increased efforts to reach the three million missed cases. Read more

Amref Health Africa meets the community’s needs by increasing access to education for girls at Atanga Secondary School. Education and health go hand in hand. Read more

Being the light at the end of the tunnel

Published: 29 November 2013 Sean Power

A Traditional Health Practitioner in rural South Africa is trained by Amref Health Africa to recognize symptoms of HIV/AIDS. Read more

Malaria Mother Co-ordinator: Hassena Foka

Published: 19 August 2013 Sean Power

"My name is Hassena Foka. I am 40-years-old and a mother of four boys and six girls. My family and I live in a small village called Yirgada in the Afar region of Ethiopia. The village is home to 300 pastoralist communities and has a health post and elementary school." Read more

Joy as Family Prevents Malaria

Published: 19 August 2013 Sean Power

Nabirye Mary, a 35-year-old married woman lives in Njeru Village in Nakitoma sub-county, Nakasongola district, Uganda. She is one of the community members reached by Village Health Teams, trained by Amref Health Africa, through door-to-door visits. She is a mother of three children – 10- month-old twins and a four-year-old boy. Read more

Helping Communities Tackle Malaria: Resty Nsamba

Published: 19 August 2013 Sean Power

Resty Nsamba says that she is 30 years old, but her experiences and level of respect in her community suggest that she is much older. Read more

Insecticide Treated Mosquito Nets Prevent Childhood Death

Published: 19 August 2013 Sean Power

Eighteen-month-old Sarah Nalubega used to fall sick every three to four weeks. Her mother, Caroline Nakitende, had just returned from Kakooge Health Center III where Sarah was admitted with a severe fever when she learned that insecticide treated mosquito nets were being distributed in her village. Joining the waiting line, she received a net from Amref Health Africa-supported Village Health Team members. Read more

Toronto, July 25, 2011 - AMREF Canada applauds the Canadian government’s international leadership in providing $50 million to relief efforts while also matching all eligible donations made towards AMREF’s efforts supporting people suffering from the severe drought across the Horn of Africa. Read more

AMREF Urges Caution over New AIDS Vaccine Trials

Published: 06 May 2011 Sean Power

The recent commencement of AIDS vaccine trials on 40 babies in Kenya raises hope for discovery of a way to stop the spread of one of the most serious diseases ever to affect humanity. As an organisation working with communities to improve health in Africa, AMREF has first-hand knowledge and experience of the effects of HIV and AIDS on those who are infected and affected, particularly in the remotest and poorest parts of the continent. Read more

Sex between men is stigmatized, officially denied and criminalized in many parts of the world, and particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. Of the groups that are at high risk of HIV infection, Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) are particularly vulnerable, but they are unable to access treatment and care services due to social, religious and political stigma. Read more

Over the years, Amref Health Africa has accumulated a rich repository of knowledge products from its HIV/AIDS interventions. To assess the organisation’s contribution to HIV/AIDS responses in Africa requires that we move beyond the accumulation of data, figures and facts found in the numerous monitoring and evaluation reports from independent projects to evidence based on systematic analysis across projects and countries. Read more

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