Computer Skills for Midwives in Uganda

Computer skills for midwives in Uganda"My name is Angela Adrikos, a 30 year old midwife married with a 4-year-old daughter, called Nyamungu Rita Faith. I am currently the acting in-charge of Awere health centre 111 in Uganda and have been working as a midwife here for the last four years.

I am grateful to Amref Health Africa for the support given to this facility. We have benefitted from a number of capacity building programs provided by Amref Health Africa. I was trained in reproductive health and how to provide youth friendly services in 2011 and had a refresher in late 2012. This training increased my knowledge about working with young people, especially around reproductive health.

I was also one of the 15 people in my area who took part in computer training. The training focused on improving our knowledge and skills of technology, and the management and processing of data to deliver health messages to the community.

The training changed the way I perceived the world. By the end of the six days of training, I was able to type words and save files. I now have an email address which I use to communicate with my friends. I am also able to search for health information online and print it out.

It was a good experience for us especially since we live far from the main district and don’t have access to free computer classes. I am grateful because I never dreamt of getting such an opportunity were it not for Amref Health Africa.

When I received a laptop and modem at my place of work, I was able to use the computer knowledge I had got from the training. I was required to use the computer to fill in the data from the community vulnerability surveillance programme and send it to the District Health Officer’s office via email. I was delegated by my boss to take lead at our health centre because of my competence in using computer applications, including the Internet. I also shared my computer knowledge with most of my colleagues in the nearby facilities who did not have these skills.

Currently, whenever I am in Pader District and want to check my email I go by the Amref Health Africa office where I also search for information related to my field of work. I also practice my computer skills to to keep myself updated with the system and improve my proficiency. I do not have a computer myself although I plan to acquire one with time.

I would like to say that Amref Health Africa has done a lot worth mentioning at our health centre besides capacity building of staff. For instance, the laboratory Amref Health Africa has renovated for us is another sustainable investment and evidence of Amref Health Africa’s great work with our facility. When the laboratory will be fully equipped, we will be able to provide a wide range of quality services to the people we serve.

Finally, Amref Health Africa has supported immunization efforts and reproductive health outreach for youth. Amref Health Africa has also trained Village Health Teams who help to improve people’s health, particularly in hard-to-reach areas."